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Our program

To download the program click here.

The conference sessions will cover the following topics:

Clouds and precipitation physics  (Radar polarimetry, multisensory/multiplatform campaigns, particle size distribution, snow characterization, hail estimation and extreme event characterization)

Operational aspects  (Operational weather radar systems, networking, end-user applications and pilot projects, data quality and calibration) 

Weather radar and climate  (Long term radar datasets, their preservation and analysis)  

Weather Radar technologies (Electronic steering antennas, exploring new frequency bands, transmitter technologies, signal processing, software suites)

Radar hydrometeorological applications (Quantitative precipitation estimation, nowcasting, data assimilation in weather forecasts, predictability of extreme weather.)  

Radar and society (Weather radar in supporting emergency management and in climate adaptation strategies. Training initiatives)

Space borne clouds and precipitation radar (Ongoing and new missions using radar for cloud and precipitation measurements, preparation campaigns and cal/val activities)

Oral list

The list of Orals will be available after program publication. Please check the important dates in the home page. 

Poster list

The list of Posters and presenting rules will be available after program publication. Please check the important dates in the home page. 

Training Courses


If you are interested in offering a short course at ERAD2024 please send an email to with the following information:

– name of the lecturers
– title of the course
– short abstract that describe the topic of the course (i.e. maximum 1 page)
– maximum number of participants  you can manage (the ERAD 2024 organizers will limit the participation depending on logistic constraints, if needed)
– preferences for on-line or on-site mode or both
– duration of the course (i.e. half day or full day)

The proposed courses will be evaluated by the Program committee and the results of the evaluation will be communicated by 20 March 2024.

The selected training courses will be held on Sunday 8  September 2024 in a separate, but nearby, location from the ERAD conference room (details will be provided later). 


Training courses will be held on Sunday 8  September 2024. 

The topics and the instructors of the courses will be realesed  on 5 April2024

The cost to attend the training courses will be decided by the ERAD2024 organizers and communicated as soon as possible depending on the number of attendees.

Social events

Social events are planned to take place on Wednesday 11 September 2023.
Details will be released soon.