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  • Microphysics
  • Particle size distributions
  • Precipitation physics
  • Orographic precipitation
  • Climatological studies


  • Hydrometeor classification
  • Solid precipitation
  • Hail
  • Mesoscale weather
  • Quantitative precipitation estimation QPE
  • Radar and raingauge integration
  • Nowcasting of precipitation
  • Nowcasting of convection and thunderstorms
  • Hydrological applications
  • Nowcasting of debris flows and flash floods
  • NWP data assimilation
  • NWP verification
  • End-to-end applications
  • Birds, insects, volcano ashes, wild fire and other non-meteorological targets

Radar Processing

  • Doppler and wind
  • Spectral processing
  • Advanced radar signal processing
  • Synergetic use of data from different sources
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big data approaches 

Data quality

  • Data quality and error structure
  • Clutter suppression
  • Uncertainty modelling and propagation
  • Verification of radar data using conventional and novel reference data (eg crowd sourcing) 

Engineering and operations

  • Hardware calibration and hardware monitoring
  • Radar engineering
  • New transmitter, receiver, antenna solutions
  • Renewal and deployment of radar systems
  • Operational radar networks
  • Radar deployment for field experiments
  • Interferences (wind turbine, electromagnetic)
  • Networking and mosaicking


  • New and emerging radar technologies
  • Multi-frequency radar
  • Phased-array radars
  • Millimeter wavelength radars
  • Space-borne radars
  • Airborne radars

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